I'm Chandan Reddy

An awesome React Developer at Commutatus.

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See how I'm doing

  lines of code, every month.
I create intuitive, dynamic user experiences (UI/UX) that are responsive, load blazing fast and crafted with pixel-perfect code. Here are some technologies I use at work:
  minutes of learning, every week.
I enjoy upskilling myself, learning new things and curiosity is what makes me try something until I can do it. Here are few skills I acquired just a while ago:

Know where I work

Commutatus is a Web & Mobile app development company based in Chennai, India. This is a place where talented individuals could put their minds together and work without impediments to build state-of-the-art, unconventional digital products!

Clients I've worked with

Projects I've worked on

Screenshot of work for AIESEC by Chandan reddy at Commutatus


EXPA allows AIESEC to manage and analyze global operations from CRM tools to complex analytic functions. The portal is build on React and communications with a GraphQL API.

Screenshot of work for GEHNA by Chandan reddy at Commutatus


Gehna is an E-commerce customised jewellery platform that makes your shopping experience one that you will yearn for, repeatedly. It is build on Next.js for server side rendering, faster load times and good SEO.

Screenshot of work for EDUCATLY by Chandan reddy at Commutatus


Educatly is a platform that helps students get into the University of their dreams. It's the only platform with all the information a student needs to Study Abroad. It was built on React and uses GraphQL via Apollo client.

Screenshot of work for CLIMBER by Chandan reddy at Commutatus


The Climber is an Education Startup that helps students discover and pursue their Passions. MyCaptain is a cross-platform (iOS/Android) app built with react-native to provide a great user experience.

Screenshot of work for 6-PACK.BEER by Chandan reddy at Commutatus


6-Pack.beer was a website setup to prank beer lovers on April fool's day by promising to deliver the healthiest and tastiest brews on the planet.

Screenshot of work for COVID-19 DASHBOARD by Chandan reddy at Commutatus


Flattening the curve is a simple dashboard to track the projected number of people who will contract COVID-19 / Coronavirus over a period of time by countries.