“Zeit now” is now, Vercel. What does this mean to existing websites?

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When the entire world is fighting against the pandemic, spreading negative vibes everywhere, there is one reason for web developers to be excited about and that’s an email from Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Zeit. I mean the CEO of Vercel. Confused? This is what the email reads:

Email from Vercel’s CEO (Formerly Zeit):

Hi there!

I hope this email finds you well. I bring special news today.

ZEIT has rebranded to Vercel. In addition, we have secured a $21M Series A to accelerate the development of Next.js and our platform.

Our latest blog post details our renewed focus, rebrand, and fundraise. Rest assured – none of your existing workflows, pricing plans, or projects are going to be affected in any way.

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Today, companies like Airbnb, The Washington Post, and Twilio trust the Vercel platform to develop, preview, and ship their ambitious projects. And Next.js powers 35,000+ production websites.

We count ourselves lucky for the tremendous support we receive from our community – I want you to know that we’re very, very grateful for it. This business is our passion, and we will continue delivering the exceptional developer experience we are known for.

Looking forward to your next project!

Guillermo Rauch,

CEO – Vercel Inc.

So what this means to us? Should we update anything ?

So after trying to visit now.sh it redirects to Vercel.com. Sothe obvious questions that might come to your mind are, Should I update my name servers or create a new account in Vercel? What happens to my subscriptions? Does my hosted website perform a 301 redirect? Etc.,

The simple answer is, No! you don’t have to change anything, just sit back and relax. It’s simply a rebranding from ZEIT to VERCEL.

You can still continue to perform all of your previous actions and deployments without worrying about this change.

What is Vercel?

According to their blog post : Vercel strongly connects to the words versatileaccelerate, and excel.

So, what’s great about this rebranding?

Raising $21M in series A funding will open opportunities to explore and further improve one of our beloved frameworks Next.js. Main highlights from their blog are:

  • to provide the ultimate workflow for developing, previewing, and shipping Jamstack sites.
  • enable teams to developpreview, and ship their apps faster, and with confidence.
  • the same passionate ZEIT team, with the same attention to detail.
  • continue investing in the open-source projects like Next.js.

Investors in Series A funding:

Experts who led early design at Facebook and Dropbox, created frameworks like React, and are running companies like GitHub, Sentry, and Auth0.


With awesome frameworks like Next.js and deployment solutions to JAMStack, Vercel is ready to take the front-end experience for 11 million JavaScript developers to the next level. So this was the quick round-up on what’s the future of Next Js Development with Vercel is going to look like. Do checkout my awesome website I built using Next.js and Vercel. Don’t forget to leave a comment on — What improvements would you love to see in Next.js and Vercel? I’d love to hear any thoughts on this topic 😋.